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Editing video with VideoStudio X5
Practical example how to creatively edit video with an afordable software. . . .
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 233 ครั้ง)
Buddhism and Dharma - Ashin Ottama
The supra-mundane (out-of-samsara, Nibbanic) aspects of the Teachings and the mundane (worldly, samsaric) elements in Buddhism. . . . . . .
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 234 ครั้ง)
Buddhist Meditation - Ashin Ottama
Samatha and Vipassana meditation merging into one great spiritual practice (samma samadhi). Note: Each method of meditation has two stages: the developmental (with some effort and focussing) and the mature - open, free, flowing effortlessly. Advanced: S
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 233 ครั้ง)
Ajahn Sudhiro - Qualities of Right Samadhi
Ajahn Sudhiro describes the 3 qualities of samma-samadhi: parisuddho (pure), samahito (focused), kammaniyo (workable).
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 238 ครั้ง)
Ajahn Sudhiro - Four Satipatthana
Ajahn Sudhiro explains how to develop awareness of body, of feelings in the body, then of the mind until it reaches singleness (ekaggata). After that one can examine the state of oneness and see it as impermanent (dhamma).
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 282 ครั้ง)
Ajahn Sudhiro - Body Scanning Meditation and Ekaggata
How to advance from scanning body sensations (Goenka method) or following the blood stream in the body to a sense of unification of the mind (ekaggata). Different strengths of samadhi: khanika, upacara, appana.
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 240 ครั้ง)
Ajahn Sudhiro - Memories of Mind and Brain
Cases of past-life recollections and modern neuroscience. The difference between mind and brain. The use of the Thai word "jai" for mind. Young children who can remember things from previous lives like the Buddha did (jataka).
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 80 ครั้ง)
Ajahn Sudhiro - Meaning of Chanting and Parami
Chants which are useful on tudong, knowing the meaning and circumstances of the Pali chants and using them for inspiration. Building up perfections (parami) in our life. สวดมนต์ ทำวัตร
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 99 ครั้ง)
Ajahn Sudhiro - Qualities of Giving Dana
The merit from generosity and offering Dana do not depend on the material value but rather on the intention (cetana) behind it. Even a beggar can make merit by offering a little.
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 106 ครั้ง)
Ajahn Sudhiro - Role of Parents and Sharing Merit
The role of parents in Thai Buddhism and how to share merit with them even if they are not close to the Dhamma.
21 ส.ค. 2557,15:43 (อ่าน 163 ครั้ง)
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