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Buddhist Meditation - Ashin Ottama

Buddhist Meditation - Ashin Ottama

Samatha and Vipassana meditation merging into one great spiritual practice (samma samadhi). Note: Each method of meditation has two stages: the developmental (with some effort and focussing) and the mature - open, free, flowing effortlessly. Advanced: Samatha needs an unchanging meditation object = concept, mental notion - something created by mind (=pannatti) (e.g. the notion of inbreath and outbreath); Vipassana, on the other hand, needs reality, actuality as meditation object (=paramattha)= true reality changes every second (e.g. the bodily sensations of inbreath and outbreath). Strictly speaking, the meditation object of Vipassana is not the breath but the 5 khandhas ( = 5 aggregates-components of a being, eventually in the grouped form of "nama-rupa") and the three universal qualities of all conditioned things and processes (anicca-dukkha-anatta = 1. impermanence, 2. unsatisfactoriness-imperfection, 3. non-self - absence of abiding unchanging "self"-entity in anything). The khandhas and the 3 universal qualities can be realised by detachment from any kind of experience. . . . . .
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